PHOTO: DJ Mo Finally Gets His Dream Car, The Range Rover

(Last Updated On: March 5, 2017)

Dj Mo has displayed multiple times that you can make it in the music industry even by just being a gospel music DJ. This is due to his talent and hardworking nature all put together with prayers. He is even the most followed Kenyan DJ on Instagram with double the number of followers that DJ Joe Mfalme has.

Recently during his birthday he got his dream car but in form of a cake.

Well it looks like Dj Mo’s dream has come true after he posted this picture on Instagram captioned: Saturday afternoon yako is how – about to head out – 2 babies well parked at the parking 😍😍😍

The matatu in the photo is his company van (System Unit)

This is an upgrade from the black Toyota Harrier he used to drive around. He has had this for the longest time.

So how does DJ Make So Much Money?

He is Kenya’s biggest gospel deejay. He headlines a number of different shows every week both locally and internationally. This has been his main source of income

He is the host of the most watched gospel show on NTV called Crossover 101. He has had this post for so many years and has seen it grow leaps and bounds.


He has a DJ training school called System Unit. It also offers other services like sound, Mcee, photography and DJ equipment


He has major endorsement deals with companies that pay him millions. Recently he was the Broadways brand ambassador.

He does have other investments outside the music industry that he has not shared about.

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