A Photo Of How Octopizzo’s Life Has Transformed

(Last Updated On: July 2, 2014)

Kenyan rapper has come from far. He used to live in the Kibera slums before all the money started coming in. Right now he gets to fly in private planes and tour various countries. He posted this throw back photo on his Instagram account of him and his cousins then and now. It was captioned: Me and my cousins @alvinaila @Paulaila back in 2007 and Now respectively. DAMN!! Extreme makeOver courtesy of Hip Hop Music. Hapo ndio Usani imetufikisha hadi sasa. #MondayMemories #FamilyGrind #Hala_atcha_BuoY #ItsNambaNaneVSeverybodY #BLACKSTAR

photo of how octopizzo has transformed

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