PHOTO: Pregnant Lillian Muli Slaying In Tiny Shorts

(Last Updated On: April 25, 2018)

Citizen TV news anchor, Lillian Muli is currently working on a documentary that will give the public a glimpse of what she is going through in her second pregnancy.

“I’m way past 20 weeks pregnant but retracing my footsteps…the challenges and milestones, the things I’ve learnt that have helped me cope better…answers to the many questions I’ve had,” wrote Muli on Instagram.

“This journey is one I am so excited to share with expectant mums and new mums and even daddies and daddies to be in fact all of you who care to learn like I have. ”

She went on: “Pregnancy can be a lot of things Terrifying, exciting, overwhelming, lonely but one thing is certain it is an incredibly eye-opening and fulfilling journey.”

She then went on to share a throwback photo of herself when she was 4 months pregnant and had worn tiny shorts when she went dancing. She captioned the photo:

Laughing out Loud. I Love Dancing. Not the best dancer though but used to be. I was 4 months pregnant here…good times with fun people.

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