PHOTOS: 1000 Horsepower Mercedes Benz E63 AMG First In East Africa

(Last Updated On: October 11, 2015)


Mercedes Benz E63 is a beauty. Someone in Kenya has just acquired this beast with a massive 1000 horsepower (Bhp). It has an 8 cylinder 5500cc engine with a twin turbo. Its just like 3 Subaru Legacies in one. Here are some of the photos.

FB_IMG_1444120717923 FB_IMG_1444120721380 FB_IMG_1444120724934 FB_IMG_1444120727880 FB_IMG_1444120733813 FB_IMG_1444120736662 FB_IMG_1444120741734 FB_IMG_1444120746088 FB_IMG_1444120749017