Photos From Avril’s Father’s Funeral As He Was Laid To Rest

(Last Updated On: March 31, 2016)

Kenyan female musician Avril recently lost her father after he suffered a recurring heart attack. He was laid to rest on Monday 28th March at their home in Njoro Nakuru.

The funeral was a private affair since only close friends and family were in attendance. Avril sent out a heart warming farewell message to her father:

“Dad, I’m going to miss you so much but I know you are going to be with me through everything like you always were…I know your spirit will be with us and we will see it in the generations to come. I will instill the lessons, values, hunger for the hustle and principles that you taught me to my babies and their babies. You were to walk me down the aisle, see your grandchildren but your destiny was different. I will not question it but only give thanks for the time I had with you. I will always love you and we will never stop smiling and sharing the love that you taught us to always have for one another. Rest now. I know it’s all better now. Rest now .. RIP.

“Saying thank you is not enough .. I am so grateful to so many people who have genuinely stood by my mother, brother and sister. To my friends that I count as family because of what you did today and have been doing for the past two months. Thank you thank you thank you. May your cups overflow with blessings upon blessings and may your hearts’ desires be fulfilled beyond measure.”

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