PHOTOS: Check Out The Lavish Ugandan Pastor Who Is Kissed On His Feet By Church Followers

(Last Updated On: September 7, 2017)

Prophet Elvis Mbonye is a Ugandan pastor who runs a 5,000 seater church in Uganda plus is one of the richest pastors in the country. He is the founder of Zoe Ministry and is known for his flashy lifestyle.

Recently, he hosted a dinner event at Kololo independence grounds that saw hundreds of people attending the event. He dressed in all white from head to toe and sat on a white and gold accented chair. His followers usually kiss his feet as a sign of respect to him.

He recently confessed that he had met with God. This is what he said about his riches:

I have seen God and I will be answerable to Him. I do not get into people’s face, they come to me. I’m not a pastor that is should frequently be with the sheep. As a prophet, I decree the final thing.

Hell is stuffy, poor, sickly and degrading. I have been to heaven and it isĀ  a glamorous place with streets of gold. All attributes of God are glamour and beauty and I’m of God, so I will unapologetically be always on the side of what is rich. I have heard shallow debates where politicians defend themselves for being in air-conditioned cars. You want me to be in a car where I sweat?

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