PHOTOS: DJ Kalonje’s Home Flattened By Demolition Squad

(Last Updated On: December 12, 2017)

One of Kenya’s most popular deejay’s and the CEO of Mix Masters Entertainment, DJ Kalonje (George Waweru), is a really stressed man after losing millions of shillings since a group of people demolished his father’s home under unclear circumstances.

His studio, which was located inside the house, was looted by the raiders who were armed with machetes and other crude weapons. They also manhandled his elderly father.

Some of the equipment DJ Kalonje lost were DJ Decks, Playstations, production equipment and various stock. He posted:

Well… this is what has remained of the studio. Without notice we were asked to remove our property under extremely harassing and threatening circumstances. Accompanied by goons armed with pangas and heavy wrenches…shoving my dad severally destroying our property looting my machines Dj Decks, PlayStations studio equipments and stock…Kenya ina wenyewe kweli. Justice ni ya Wenye pesa??

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