PHOTOS: Dubai’s Underwater Luxurious Houses

(Last Updated On: March 19, 2016)

Wonders never cease to end in Dubai. They have wowed us with so many wonders and one of them is known as The Heart Of Europe which is a man made reconstruction of the actual European nations but just smaller than the actual ones.

The Heart Of Europe is set to get its first floating home and it will be called “Floating Seahorse”. The project will cost around $2.8 million and was designed by Kleindienst Group for over 13,000 hours. A part of the house is actually underwater.

4 5 more-than-200-designers-engineers-and-architects-from-25-countries-have-been-working-to-make-the-underwater-fantasy-a-reality the-28-million-floating-seahorse-is-the-product-of-more-than-5000-hours-of-research-and-13000-hours-of-design-and-engineering-according-to-design-firm-kleindienst-group the-views-look-magnificent thoe_flv_cgi01_daylight_06a-cropped

The master bedroom and bathroom will be underwater and her residents will be able to see actual seahorses moving through the Arabian Gulf in their natural habitat. The structures will be around 2.5 miles from the shores of Dubai so the only way to get to your house will be by boat or seaplane.

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