Photos From “Art Of Luxury” Hosted By Vera Sidika and Daniel Peters

(Last Updated On: April 21, 2015)

Art Of Luxury party was held at Skylux Lounge last weekend and was hosted by Kenya’s very own socialite Vera Sidika and Kenyan actor, in the hit show Mali, Daniel Peters. Hundreds of people showed and there were other celebrities in attendance such as Eric Omondi, Chipukeezy, Dj Joe Mfalme etc

Check out some of the photos thanks to Eyecon Photography

art-of-luxury1-1024x684 art-of-luxury2-1024x684 art-of-luxury3-1024x684 art-of-luxury4-1024x684 art-of-luxury5-1024x684 art-of-luxury6-1024x684 art-of-luxury7-1024x684 art-of-luxury8-1024x684 art-of-luxury9-1024x684 art-of-luxury10-1024x684 art-of-luxury11-1024x684 art-of-luxury12-1024x684 art-of-luxury13-1024x684 art-of-luxury14-1024x684 art-of-luxury15-1024x684 art-of-luxury16-1024x684 art-of-luxury17-1024x684 art-of-luxury18-1024x684 art-of-luxury19-1024x684 art-of-luxury20-1024x684 art-of-luxury21-1024x684 art-of-luxury22-1024x684 art-of-luxury23 art-of-luxury24-1024x684 art-of-luxury25-1024x684 art-of-luxury26-1024x684 art-of-luxury27-1024x684 art-of-luxury28-1024x684 art-of-luxury29-1024x684

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