Photos From The Star Studded Luo Festival Last Weekend

(Last Updated On: July 13, 2015)

The Luo Festival went down last weekend and it’s getting bigger every year. Former prime minister Raila Odinga and his wife Ida Odinga were also in attendance.

Various comedians flocked the event, the likes of Jalang’o, Chipukeezy, Eric Omondi etc did not miss. Jaguar also did a surprise appearance. Check out the photos.

Luo-Festival-2015-1 Luo-Festival-2015-2 Luo-Festival-2015-3 Luo-Festival-2015-4 Luo-Festival-2015-5 Luo-Festival-2015-6 Luo-Festival-2015-7 Luo-Festival-2015-8 Luo-Festival-2015-9 Luo-Festival-2015-10 Luo-Festival-2015-11 Luo-Festival-2015-12 Luo-Festival-2015-13 Luo-Festival-2015-15 Luo-Festival-2015-16 Luo-Festival-2015-17

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