PHOTOS: Halima, The Girl In Dj Creme’s S^x Tape

(Last Updated On: November 2, 2015)


Well if you are user of Twitter and Whatsapp in Kenya you have probably come across the video that is Dj Creme De La Creme’s sex tape that was just leaked today. The popular Dj has been trending the whole afternoon. I think he broke the internet with meme’s all over  now.

One thing for sure Creme does keep his promises as you can see in this conversation with Dj Joe Mfalme.


Well one question? Who is the girl that was f**king Dj Creme?

From the internet we learn that she is called Halima and she can RIIIIIIIIIDEEEEEE. Well done


Here are some pictures of this Halima

IMG-20151102-WA0015 IMG-20151102-WA0016 IMG-20151102-WA0017



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