PHOTOS: Has DNG Found Himself A New Hot Lady?

(Last Updated On: March 1, 2016)


Number one hype man DNG has been the talk of the media in the recent weeks after word came out that he may be splitting with his wife. He even pulled sown all this wife’s photos from his social media account, a big indication that she may have hurt him really bad.


Of late, DNG has been posting pictures of himself and other women during his gigs and crossing lines married men rarely cross in public. This was his Whatsapp profile pic for a while, an image from one of his gigs.


Other crazy gig photos:

11262017_1688249468084815_1283813382_n 12677263_768689519928581_392130506_n 12750095_1355791831113919_1776211436_n

Recently he uploaded this photo holding new attractive lady with the caption: The sun is out and the grass is green.

DNG-and-bae Screenshot_2016-03-01-07-40-38-1


It has only been a year since DNG got married to his wife and well sometimes these things don’t last forever like we all want to believe.


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