PHOTOS: Here Is The Lady Who Does Mike Sonko’s Hair Styles

(Last Updated On: February 2, 2016)

Mike Sonko is the only politician to have unique hairstyles with a message. It all started out with the famous mo-hawk then he advanced it to the dyed word peace which he has now stuck to. All this work is done by a hairdresser in Buruburu.

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The Nairobi senator did not hold back when it came to praises towards the hardworking lady who started out small years ago. Here is what he had to say:

Yesterday i passed by my long time Kinyozi guy. I had gone for a car wash but I ended up getting a haircut. While she was at it, she started giving me stories of how she started up and how the business has been since. She started in Mathare North in a small mabati shop and grew to where she is today.She remembers a day when she only shaved one kid for 10 bob having opened work at 7 Am and closed at 9 Pm. “Aki Sonko If it were not for the vision I had, ningeachana na hii job hiyo siku”, she tells me. With time, having been patient enough, she eventually moved from Mathare to Buruburu. Today, she has hired 5 other young people and continues to mentor others in a very great but humble way. One thing for sure, when you step in her shop, you cannot know she is the boss.

You see not so many of us would work for ten bob. It took her almost a month to get the first client, and the client was a small one. She was happy for the little she got and that motivated her to be patient. Today, most of the young people don’t want to wait. They want to earn a million the second day they open a business. We want to get tenders and high-end clients in the first month. The truth is, things don’t go like that. In any business, you will go through dark times and if your vision and focus is not big enough you will quit.

Today, I am here to tell you to never give up. Great things take time. But also remember, it’s not enough to be busy, so are ants. The question is; it’s a new Month of February what are we busy about?

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