PHOTOS: Huddah’s Red Avenue After Party In Uganda

(Last Updated On: October 13, 2015)

Huddah Monroe was the main guest at the Red Avenue After Party in Uganda. Hundreds of guests arrived dressed in red and intermingled with the Kenyan socialite.

The Ugandans had given Huddah an overwhelming welcome that she has never experienced before. She stayed at Serena Hotel during the period she was there. Check out some of the photos.

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Huddah-Monroes-Avenue-After-Party-in-Uganda-1 Huddah-Monroes-Avenue-After-Party-in-Uganda-2 Huddah-Monroes-Avenue-After-Party-in-Uganda-3 Huddah-Monroes-Avenue-After-Party-in-Uganda-4 Huddah-Monroes-Avenue-After-Party-in-Uganda-5 Huddah-Monroes-Avenue-After-Party-in-Uganda-6 Huddah-Monroes-Avenue-After-Party-in-Uganda-7 Huddah-Monroes-Avenue-After-Party-in-Uganda-8