PHOTOS: Jalang’o Flaunts His New Expensive Convertible Mercedes Benz

(Last Updated On: September 11, 2019)

Milele FM radio presenter Jalang’o is without a doubt one of the highest paid radio presenters in the country. He began his journey on radio on Kiss 100 presenting alongside Caroline Mutoko then proceeded to Radio Maisha where he worked for five years alongside Alex Mwakideu. He was the poached by Hot 96 which lured him with a huge pay rise and there he worked with Jeff Koinange. A new opportunity came along to start afresh with his former co-presenter Alex Mwakideu on Milele FM and he wasn’t hesitant to take the jump. He next target isn’t to move into a radio station but not move into politics by planning to vie for the Lang’ata MP seat in the upcoming 2022 general elections.

Jalang’o doesn’t make all his money from radio but also through being the official host of different major events. He recently had a very lucrative deal with Willy Paul to be his official host during his concerts. Apart from that, he runs Arena Media which is an advertising, events marketing and PR firm.

Jalas spend his millions on different things and one of his most expensive indulgences is luxury cars. Ever since he found success in fame, he has been switching cars regularly. Some of the brands he has owned include Range Rover Overfinch, Bentley, Range Rover, BMW X6, Land Rover Discovery, Mercedes Benz etc. His latest acquisition is a Mercedes Benz SLK convertible. Check it out.