PHOTOS: Machachari’s Almasi Slowly Becoming A Womanizer

(Last Updated On: August 24, 2015)

It seems Machachari actor Almasi (Ian Munene) has finally entered that phase where a guy starts liking girls so much and starts hitting on like every girl. Recent photos have surfaced of him and so many different girls. In some he is kissing them.

Fame has been a really big bonus for Almasi in the ladies sector. Just check out the photos.

Almasi-Machachari-1 Almasi-Machachari-3 Almasi-Machachari-4 Almasi-Machachari-5 Almasi-Machachari-6 Almasi-Machachari-7 Almasi-Machachari-8 Almasi-teenage-hood-1 Almasi-teenage-hood-2 Almasi-teenage-hood-3 Almasi-teenage-hood-4