PHOTOS: Mysterious Lad Lillian Muli Loves Getting Cozy With

(Last Updated On: December 16, 2015)

Without a doubt, Lillian Muli is one of the hottest news anchors currently on TV. She draws millions of fans every Friday and Saturday to watch the 9pm news on Citizen TV. Team Mafisi guys definitely fantasize of having a taste of her goodies.

Lillian Muli’s private life has stayed private for quite a while but that doesn’t stop rumors from popping out here and there about her. One of the biggest were that she had separated from her husband.

Some photos from the show Slimpossible have popped out and we see her hanging around quite a lot with one specific guy on different occasions. The lad is believed to be known as Daudi. The two have taken some of these hot selfies looking really close together.

Lilian-Muli-studio-1 Lilian-Muli-studio-2 Lilian-Muli-studio-3 Lilian-Muli-studio-4

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