PHOTOS: Njugush Pays Dowry For His College Sweetheart In A Colourful Event

(Last Updated On: August 11, 2016)


Former actor at The Real Househelps of Kawangware, Timothy Kimani popularly known as Njuguna, has indicated he is very serious in marrying his girlfriend Celestine Ndinda. This was done through dowry payment.

This is the story of how they met as per Njugush:

“One day I will tell you a story of how I met an angel back in college, one day I will tell you of how I first thought it was just the college games, one day I will tell you how attached I became, one day I will tell you how she used to provide supper for me back then sababu nilikua msotoooo kuruka, she fed me and never got fed up. One day I will tell you how madly in love I fell with her.

One day I will tell you the first date I took her out ilikua kwa kabutchery ata hakana jina kanaitwa tu butchery, fellows we were at kitengela drama festivals confrence (TDC) and sababu sikua kwa list of perfomers kupewa food huko I had to eat outside and as such she thought I was funny and alishinda akinifuata so ata hio out hatukua twende, her I am with my only 200 bob ambayo ilikua btw inirudishe thika so I was to kula only 100 then next day I head to thika na remaining 100b.”

Here are some photos from the event

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