Photos Of Ababu Namwamba and Wife In Their Vacation In Reykjavik

(Last Updated On: May 13, 2015)

Mother’s Day celebration was a big day for a number of people. An example is Ababu Namwamba and his wife Prisca Mwaro.

The couple decided to fly out to Iceland in Europe to celebrate Mothers Day. They went to the town called Reykjavik. The place is really cold. Check out the photos.

AbabuNamwamba-PriscaNamwaro-Reykjavik-Iceland-Europe-1 AbabuNamwamba-PriscaNamwaro-Reykjavik-Iceland-Europe-2 AbabuNamwamba-PriscaNamwaro-Reykjavik-Iceland-Europe-3 AbabuNamwamba-PriscaNamwaro-Reykjavik-Iceland-Europe-4 AbabuNamwamba-PriscaNamwaro-Reykjavik-Iceland-Europe-5

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