Photos Of Kalekye Mumo After She Lost 27Kgs

(Last Updated On: August 30, 2015)


Kalekye Mumo, Kiss FM presenter, has gone ahead to lose a massive 27kgs from her huge weight. She has always been comfortable being a plus size girl and health reasons have made her to go ahead and lose the weight.

This was her story behind the weight loss:

” Last year, I began getting bad swollen feet. At first, I thought it was change of weather when between Nairobi and the Coast as I was in and out quite often. I got water retention medicine, they calmed down for a month but relapsed for another three months. Finally, I was in pain and went to see an osteoporosis doctor. We found that my blood vessels were not allowing blood to flow up my legs properly and I was at risk of developing a blood clot.
I was actually a bit frustrated wondering why gym hadn’t worked as planned. I was not allowed to go to the gym any more due to the pain, but I needed to shed the weight to make it easier to sort that out. Doctor suggested swimming daily for an hour. I did that for a month and lost 3kgs. But the cold season was approaching and I wanted something more efficient.”

Kalekye still wants to lose an extra 18kgs so she will keep going.

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