Photos Of The Fascinating Machakos Level 5 Hospital By Alfred Mutua

(Last Updated On: May 31, 2015)


Dr Alfred Mutua never ceases to amaze the people of Machakos County through the various development projects he undertakes. Recently he spearheaded a project involving the Machakos Hospital.

In order to be able to provide quality services to the sick, Dr Alfred Mutua partnered with the National Government to equip Machakos Level 5 Hospital to a Model Referral Hospital. It now has:

• Refurbished and equipped maternity and labour wards to international standards with hot water
• Modernized Out patient department
• MRI Centre
• Helipad for emergency cases
• Equipped theatres (Main and Minor)
• Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
• Renal Dialysis Center
• Digital X-Ray machines
• Breast Cancer screening •mammogram machine
• CSSD – sterilization machine
• Telemedicine centre
• 40 wireless CCTV cameras and control centre
• Improved signage to help patients and those visiting locate facilities
• Security gates and security protocols
• 37 trained customer care staff to assist in speeding up services and assisting patients
• Walkways and comprehensive, modern lighting system
• Modern public waiting bay and cafeteria
• Clean public washrooms


This is clearly a major step up done by the governor.

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