Photos Of Owago Onyiro Shopping In The United States

(Last Updated On: June 6, 2014)

Owago Onyiro is just at the beginning of his 2 months tour in 12 states in USA. He recently performed at the Dallas Memorial Reunion in Dallas and got paid well. The lad is now on a shopping spree buying a number of really good items.

1 IMG_20140605_WA0016-14721-600-600-70 IMG_20140605_WA0017-14722-600-600-70 IMG_20140605_WA0019-14723-600-600-70 IMG_20140605_WA0020-14724-600-600-70 IMG_20140605_WA0021-14725-600-600-70 IMG_20140605_WA0022-14726-600-600-70 IMG_20140605_WA0023-14727-600-600-70 IMG_20140605_WA0024-14728-600-600-70 IMG_20140605_WA0026-14730-600-600-70 IMG_20140605_WA0029-14733-600-600-70 IMG_20140605_WA0032-14736-600-600-70 IMG_20140605_WA0033-14737-600-600-70 IMG_20140605_WA0034-14744-600-600-70

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