PHOTOS: Robbers Dig Into Grave Of Zari’s Ex-Husband To Steal Valuables

(Last Updated On: December 7, 2017)

The recent KCB heist at Thika where thugs dug a hole into the bank has inspired some other thugs in Uganda who in turn dug a hole into the grave of the late Ivan Ssemangwa. This was in order to access some of the valuables the wealthy businessman was buried with.

Ivan was a multi-millionaire businessman with assets in South Africa and Uganda worth millions of dollars. He died in May 2017 and his Rich Gang crew threw lots of money into his grave during his funeral.

A relative identified as Wamala discovered a hole next to the grave as he was passing by. “I got shocked when I saw the hole and when I went nearer, I realized that a big hole had been dug up to the concrete of the grave. I think they wanted to steal the money that was thrown in the grave and his skull.” he said.

It is reported that the robbers went empty handed since a concrete wall was added round inside the grave.

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