Photos – Tanzanian Who Won Airtel Trace Music Star

(Last Updated On: April 22, 2015)

Airtel Trace Music Star competition has finally come to an end and the guy who bagged the ultimate prize of a recording deal with Universal Records and a mentorship program from Akon is Tanzanian Mayunga Andrew Nalimi.

Andrew beat 13 other competitors. He even collapsed after he was named the winner.

Andrew-Mayunga-Airtel-Trace-Music-Star-winner-2 Andrew-Mayunga-Airtel-Trace-Music-Star-winner-3 Andrew-Mayunga-Airtel-Trace-Music-Star-winner-4 Andrew-Mayunga-Airtel-Trace-Music-Star-winner-5 Andrew-Mayunga-Airtel-Trace-Music-Star-winner-7 Andrew-Mayunga-Airtel-Trace-Music-Star-winner-8 Andrew-Mayunga-Airtel-Trace-Music-Star-winner-10 Andrew-Mayunga-Airtel-Trace-Music-Star-winner-12 Andrew-Mayunga-Airtel-Trace-Music-Star-winner-13