PHOTOS: US Seals Military Planes To Evacuate Obama In Case Of Attack

(Last Updated On: July 22, 2015)


United States President Barack Obama is a well protected man. He has military planes in standby where navy seals are ready to parachute to save Obama and his family in case of any attack.


They use a Boeing V-22 Osprey aircraft which is from Africa Special Operations Command in Djibouti. It can go at a maximum speed of 500km/h which is 78% faster than a large helicopter. It utilizes the tiltrotor technology which improves the vertical performance of the helicopter with speed.

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The rotorcraft costs around $68 million and can move around 24 passengers, 5 more than its competitor at the same size. It can fly for 1627km on just a single tank of fuel.

Some of these helicopter landed at the Kenyatta University. Just take a look.

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