PHOTOS – William Ruto Hosts Don Moen In His Karen Home

(Last Updated On: May 11, 2015)

Legendary praise and worship musicians Don Moen and Lenny Leblanc were this week in the country for the first time. Their praise and worship music widely loved all over the world, even here in Kenya.

They duo were first hosted on Jeff Koinange Live last Thursday. Afterwards they were welcomed by Deputy President William Ruto at his Karen Home. The musicians got to meet Ruto’s wife and kids. Check out the photos.

William-Ruto-Don-Moen-Lenny-Le-Blanc-1 William-Ruto-Don-Moen-Lenny-Le-Blanc-2 William-Ruto-Don-Moen-Lenny-Le-Blanc-3 William-Ruto-Don-Moen-Lenny-Le-Blanc-5 William-Ruto-Don-Moen-Lenny-Le-Blanc-6 William-Ruto-Don-Moen-Lenny-Le-Blanc-7 William-Ruto-Don-Moen-Lenny-Le-Blanc-9 William-Ruto-Don-Moen-Lenny-Le-Blanc-10 William-Ruto-Don-Moen-Lenny-Le-Blanc-11 William-Ruto-Don-Moen-Lenny-Le-Blanc-12 William-Ruto-Don-Moen-Lenny-Le-Blanc-13 William-Ruto-Don-Moen-Lenny-Le-Blanc-14 William-Ruto-Don-Moen-Lenny-Le-Blanc-15 William-Ruto-Don-Moen-Lenny-Le-Blanc-16 William-Ruto-Don-Moen-Lenny-Le-Blanc-17 William-Ruto-Don-Moen-Lenny-Le-Blanc-18

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