PHOTOS: Yaya Toure In Diani With His Personal Chef

(Last Updated On: June 23, 2015)


Manchester City midfielder Yaya Toure was in Kenya some days ago. He had was having a good time at the Kenya coast specifically Diani.

Yaya Toure is an Airtel ambassador and his visit may have to do with the recently launched Airtel campaign. He spoke about Victor Wanyama, Arsenal, Rooney and many other issues. This is what he said about working in Europe,”Life in Europe can be frustrating sometimes, but we appreciate the opportunity that enables us to live well and provide for our families.”

yaya1 yaya2

Toure also had lots of praises for Diani, he said, “I love this place and everything about it. It’s the perfect place to holiday and recuperate as I’m currently injured.”

He came with his personal chef who most likely is dealing with his strict diet restrictions to help recovery with injury. He was also with his personal assistant, a very pretty lady.

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