Why Planes Are Mostly Painted White

(Last Updated On: March 14, 2017)

Apart from the normal parts of a plane that make it fly, most commercial airline planes have one thing in common. They are mostly white.

Have you ever wondered why?

Planes with so many colors are not so common and majority of the times, its just those that are branded for a specific company. The reason for the plain white color is that is makes it easy to identify things like oil spills, cracks and any kind of damage that may compromise the safety of the plane.

The white color doesn’t fade as fast as other colors. Planes fly almost daily to different parts of the world and hence experience a wide variety of weather conditions.  Colored airplanes will need a number of paint jobs to maintain their aesthetic appeal. Who would want to fly in a weathered plane?

White color makes the plane readily available for other colors. So its easier to sell the plane or let companies apply their logos onto.

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