10 Popular Songs About Cities

(Last Updated On: November 6, 2019)

If you are in the mood for songs based on cities, here is a list of songs you should try out:


1. Ed Sheeran – Take Me Back To London

Ed collaborated with Stormzy and the two reminisceĀ  about their hometown of London.


2. Alicia Keys & Jay Z – Empire State Of The Mind

The song is off The Blueprint 3 and it is a love song about their home city New York which is also known as “the Empire State”


3. Eminem – Detroit vs Everybody

The song features Detroit’s prominent rappers and they talk about their experiences growing upĀ  in Detroit.


4. NWA – Straight Outta Compton

This was considered by most rap artists as one of the greatest records of all time.


5. Frank Sinatra – New York New York

The song was originally the theme song for the Martin Scorsese film.


6. Marc Cohn – Walking In Memphis

The song is about his experiences in Memphis.


7. Katie Perry – Waking Up In Vegas

The song is about Las Vegas describing an experience in the city.


8. Fergie – LA Love


9. Kanye West – Homecoming

Kanye uses a metaphor to describe his feelings for Chicago by comparing it to a lost girlfriend.


10. Jay Z feat Lil Wayne – Hello Brooklyn

The artist give humanistic qualities to the borough of Brooklyn.