Prezzo Arrested For Allegedly Beating Up A KQ Pilot (PHOTOS)

(Last Updated On: July 18, 2016)


Prezzo is once again attraction some attention that is not on his music career. This time a story of him involved in some crazy drama at Nyayo Estate is doing rounds on social media. It is reported that he allegedly slapped a KQ Pilot.

According to Embakasi DCIO Ephantus Kumulwa, Jackson Ngechu Makini aka Prezzo is in police custody and will be in court to answer to assault charges.  This was the statement from the DCIO:

“At around noon on Saturday, KQ pilot Stanley Kipchumba drove into Nyayo Estate where he resides and parked his car. As he was offloading shopping items from the boot, Prezzo with two other men, seemingly inebriated, approached Stanley and asked him to drop them in town. Stanley responded that he does not operate a taxi. At this point, Prezzo asked him, “Kwani hujui mimi ni nani?” (You don’t know who I am?)”

After this Prezzo then threatened him and afterwards slapped him. Stanley sought help from the estate security who then called the police.

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Robert Alai, a chair person of the estate association gave this statement on Facebook:  “Prezzo high on hard drugs tried to hijack a resident of Nyayo estate. Now arrested and booked into Embakasi police station. Threatening Nyayo Estate guards with guns. Don’t try in Nyayo.” The gun claims have been refuted by a lady by the name Ruth Mutinda. She wrote: “To be honest stop lying, they were fighting with Yola and I have pics n audio as proof. Tafuta other ways nkt.”


Prezzo posted this on Instagram as a response


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