Prezzo Finally Talks About Ex Girlfriend Michelle Yola’s Pregnancy

(Last Updated On: August 30, 2017)

Prezzo has recently been in the headlines a number of times thanks to drama between him and his ex girlfriend Michelle Yola. The two blasted each other in the media and went to the extent of Prezzo covering up the tattoo he got of her name.

A couple of days back, rumors started floating around that Michelle may be pregnant and the father is either Prezzo or her current boyfriend. Shaffie Weru and Adelle Onyango invited Prezzo to their breakfast show and he opened up about this situation. He said:

That’s not my baby. You know; I’m a responsible individual and my pull out game is strong but congratulations to her. I’m happy for her and life goes on.

When he was asked about the threatening messages Michelle Yola accused him of sending, he said:

It’s all lies. Anybody who knows me knows I’m somebody who sticks to my lane. The only way I can translate this whole thing is that, her star is fading off and you know at the end of the day what else is she gonna talk about apart from Prezzo? I put that on my mother’s life. Have never talked to that girl and have never sent any threats to her. The last thing i heard about her is that she live in Jamhuri and the matter of facts she is the one who has been reaching to me for whatever reasons. She reaches out to me like she says she is sick, she has been admitted to hospital. I go there I find it was nothing.

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