Proof DJ Mo Doesn’t Charge Musicians To Play Their Music

(Last Updated On: July 12, 2015)

dj mo

In Kenya there are two major ways to reach your audience when it comes to the music industry. One is through radio and the other is through DJs. Radio has a select team that picks various music that will be put on rotation so that their audience can listen to. DJs in Kenya on the other hand play their mixes in clubs, events, public transport and some have their shows on tv. As a new artist you may be tempted to pay them to get some airplay since without airplay your music is a good as being sang in the shower.

Top gospel music deejay, DJ Mo, recently shared a screenshot on Instagram whereby somebody had sent him an M-Pesa for accepting music and had offered more for lunch. The good DJ reversed the transaction since he said he wasn’t charging to play the music. If it is good, he will play it. He does it for the ministry.