Radio Presenter Blasts Zuku Publicly and Accuses Them Of Theft & Fraud

(Last Updated On: May 8, 2017)

X FM radio presenter Mike Mondo was recently a really frustrated man all thanks to TV and internet service provider Zuku. He even went ahead and penned a letter addressed to the company accusing them of theft and fraud for making him pay the full amount even when there is no service.

Check out the letter:

Open Letter to Zuku

Dear Zuku,

Now I can understand if you have issues providing a service, just simply inform ALL your subscribers that the service is temporarily unavailable. And when that is the case..let me pay less at the end of the month. My beef with you is that even during downtime, you charge us the full amount for service that half the time was not available. That is THEFT. In fact it is fraudulent. A pimp cannot say he is bringing you a woman, only to bring you a tranny and say “but she is like a woman”..NO!! that’s a tranny, client wanted a woman.

Same principle applies with you, you cannot say you will give me internet, and then provide something like half the time, the other half it doesn’t. And then all you do is bust up my phone with your customer care people asking me to pay.

My dear zuku, be warned that companies bigger than you have closed down due to complacency in service delivery. Kenyan’s no longer take poop that’s sold as brown chocolate cake. WE WANT WHAT WE PAY FOR! So if you are going to charge me 4,800ksh monthly, best believe you better provide the service i am paying for. This is NOT a harambee we are doing here. And if service is interrupted for one reason or the other, let that reflect on my bill by charging me less. This business of companies selling Kenyans a cow by showing them the hooves has to stop. You simply cannot charge me for something that is not there.

I do not know about others, but personally, I am giving a one month period to observe the service. Since your customer care lines are never picked up (but they seem to remember to call me and ask me to pay), I will say this here; If you do not improve on the quality of internet provided, I shall cancel my subscription, and make it my personal duty to tell my family, friends, neighbors and any Kenyan who will lend me an ear, to cancel theirs too. I believe I have options in terms of ISP’s, Safaricom even has Home fibre now…and for tv, heck..Bamba TV is free for life.
30 days and counting…!

From a very frustrated Mike Mondo. (A.C; 103066)

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