Raunchy Messages “Mafisi” Kenyans Send News Presenters

(Last Updated On: May 26, 2015)


Ladies if you are hot, expect guys to do the stupidest things just to get your attention. Your inbox will most of the time be full of proposals, with majority of the guys not really giving up. On the wild extent you will find pictures sent to you, not just any pictures but dic pics… Yeah the most disgusting thing to find in your inbox.

Curvaceous Ebru TV news anchor Kamene Goro is very pretty and for sure is attracting lots of team mafisi. She once got so made for people calling her a socialite and she then clearly stated that she is a law graduate hence can’t fall to such low levels.

Another fan recently invaded her messages sending her dirty pictures. As expected she got pissed and exposed the fan. She doesn’t like being treated like a commodity up for conquest. The post has already been deleted from her Instagram account but we have it.


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