Ray C Crying After Being Denied Addiction Medication: VIDEO

(Last Updated On: June 14, 2015)


We all know Tanzanian singer Ray C was a drug user back in the day and this was mostly cocaine. Well to get clean is not easy since you feel so sick to the point where you just want to dies. There is a medication ex addicts use to prevent various symptoms that usually make them to head back to the drug. This is methadone. Ray C went to rehab back in 2012 and has been clean ever since.

Ray C recently took to her Instagram account crying since the medical center given the mandate to issue to the medication had refused to do so. She said, “Nashindwa kuvumilia. Mpaka sasa nipo hapa kitengo cha madawa na sijapewa dawa, kwa sababu nilipost ile post nyingine wamenifanyia makusudi. Sasa mimi nikikosa madawa wanataka nirudi kwenye kuvuta unga?”

In another video she complained of headaches, body pains, cold, bone aches since these were the consequences of skipping the medication. Luckily here video went viral and she got issued the medication. This is what she said after,“Namshkuru Mungu kwamba chozi langu limesikika na jioni hii nimepewa dawa. Naiheshimu hii dawa kuliko kitu kingine chochote katika dunia hii, dawa hii imeniokoa kutoka kule nilikotoka… Nitafanya lolote niwezalo kuipata dawa hii kwani hii ndio mwokozi wangu”

Drug addiction ruined Ray C to the point where she sold her house to feed the habit. It even ruined her very successful musical career.

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