Read George Ikua’s Emotional Message To Late Wife Janet Kanini

(Last Updated On: March 8, 2018)

Last Wednesday, George Ikua celebrated 10 years of marriage to media personality the late Janet Kanini Ikua who died last year. He posted an emotional letter on his Facebook page celebrating Janet and thanking her for the 10 year ride. Janet succumbed to issues caused by lung cancer on Saturday 1st April 2017 after battling it since 2015.

Here is the heartfelt letter:

“10 years ago today, on 7th March 2008 we wed and danced somewhere in Karen. I celebrate you Janee, every day, and thanks for the ride, Happy Anniversary love. To all the friends and family that made that day the fun and laughter it was, I am eternally grateful, we sure kicked ass. As I sit here reflecting on the journey that was and that is, I have come up with a few truths that I wish to share:

1. We are all potential widows or widowers, act like it today.

2. Marriage is about the two of you, keep the parents, siblings, friends, and society in the audience, where they were at the wedding.

3. Learn to fight with your spouse, where you fight to stay not to be right.

4. Laughter is the magic glue, a good laugh heals a lot of hurts. And as they cackle over you will remember why you married them.

5. Create memories, travel by bus, cook her dinner, plant a tree, sing karaoke, and walk into the sunset. Whatever it is, this is all you will be left with when it’s all said and done.

6. When it comes to money, men treat her like your daughter, you don’t count what you give. Ladies treat him like your dad, you protect and grow it and I know you wouldn’t fleece your pops, would you?

7. Be his or her number one fan, understand and fight for their dreams, career, and purpose. Urge them to be their best version of themselves they could be…not your version though 🙂

8. Dating is the opposite of marriage, one is about you and how they treat you right…. and the other is about him or her, how you treat them right. How one precedes the other is truly a concept of Hollywood. In my view friendship should precede marriage.

9. Marriage is not about kids, they are the icing on the cake. Don’t say you are in it for the icing, enjoy that cake.

10. Take a good look at your spouse and if you can’t wipe their puke or sh**t, you have a big problem. As casually as we say in sickness and in health a time a day is coming when you have to be their anchor when their body is broken.

Your spouse hate them or love them is the most important person in your life and today I wish you a happy X year X days Anniversary! One love.”

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