Rich Lawyer Donald Kipkorir Flies His Lady Friends To Celebrate His Birthday Abroad(PHOTOS)

(Last Updated On: July 6, 2016)


A couple of weeks ago, wealthy high profile lawyer Donald Kipkorir, spend a whole Ksh117,000 to treat some of his friends to lunch in one of the up-market restaurants. Now, his birthday has arrived and as usual he had to make a memorable celebration out of it.

Kipkorir shared a couple of photos of him and a number of ladies heading to Italy and Croatia for the celebrations. As usual he paid for business class tickets for everyone. A Business Premier World return ticket from Nairobi to Venise Italy on Emirates costs around Ksh145,000 per person.

He captioned the photos: “Off To Italy & Croatia For My Upcoming Birthday With Part of my BFFs,”

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This is them in Venice Italy

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