Ringtone In Trouble With Neighbours For Rearing Cows In Karen

(Last Updated On: February 26, 2019)

Gospel musician Ringtone is at logger heads with his neighbours in their Karen residence after he decided to rear cows in his compounds. Members of the Karen Residents Association was not pleased with this move so they went ahead and sent him a complain letter.

The letter indicated that they will pursue legal action if Ringtone did not adhere to the community residence association regulations.

When interviewed about the cows, Ringtone had this to say, “I got those cows when I was wooing Zari, but when she refused to take up my offer, I decided to keep them. Now they have multiplied and are also a source of milk which I am able to sell.”

When he was asked if he would comply with the demands from the association, he had this to say, “I am not in violation of any codes. My cows are not trespassing into anyone’s property. They are not eating anyone’s food so I don’t see why I should get rid of them. In fact, this should serve as an encouragement for the young ones trying to get into farming,” 

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