Russian Billionaire Ordered To Pay $4.5 Billion In Divorce Settlement

(Last Updated On: May 20, 2014)

dmitry and elena

This is the most expensive breakup in the history of man kind. A Swiss court has ordered Russian Billionaire Dmitry  Rybolovlev to pay his ex wife Elena Rybolovleva $4,509,375,184.80 in a divorce settlement.

Dmitry is the owner of French football cub As Monaco and ranks 147th on the Forbes list of billionaires with an estimated net worth of $8.8 billion. He made most of his wealth from potash mining and is actually known as “fertilizer king”. He met his wife while they were both in university in Perm Russia. Their divorce proceedings began in 2008 when Dmitry’s net worth was at $12.8 billion.

Initially, Elena had demanded $6 billion but she has been granted just $4.5 billion. She will also get property worth $146 million in Gstaad Switzerland and other two real estate property in Cologny. She also gets custody of their daughter Anna.

A big chunk of Dmitry’s wealth is held in trusts and offshore accounts based in Cyprus which were transferred back in 2005 and Switzerland has no legal aid treaty with Cyprus hence it will be difficult to obtain the money. Dmitry also used trusts to buy a penthouse apartment at Central Park West in New York and a mansion in Palm Beach, Florida which are some of the most expensive houses in the country.

Dmitry’s lawyers plan to appeal this decision made by the court.

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