Why Safaricom Is Issuing Fat Airtime Refunds and How To Know If You Qualify

(Last Updated On: November 7, 2016)


In the recent past, a number of Safaricom subscribers have been complaining of loss of airtime even without using any services. Many times Safaricom customer care has always blamed background phone activities of consuming large date bundles that ends up eating up into their airtime. However, the real culprit is Cheza Games subscription.

Cheza Games is a premium service that once you are subscribed to it cuts your airtime everyday until you unsubscribe. In the recent month it has been subscribing people to its service without their knowledge and doesn’t give notification that you airtime is being deducted.

A few people discovered this and went toe to toe with Safaricom until they stopped the robbery. From the past Saturday, Safaricom has been issuing refunds to those whose airtime was being deducted without their knowledge. The process is bound to take a week to be completed.

Here are some people who got refunds

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To find out if you have any subscription services on Safaricom stealing your airtime dial *100*5#

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