Safaricom Migrating Mpesa Servers From Germany To Kenya

(Last Updated On: April 16, 2015)


Mpesa services will be down on Saturday 18th 11PM to Sunday 19th April 12pm due to the upgrading and migrating of all Mpesa services to servers in Kenya. The final test-runs will be conducted this weekend.

Services such as PIN number changing, new customer registration, transfer of cash to rival mobile networks and account activation will be unavailable 48 hours before the complete shutdown. Safaricom began the process of installing servers in Kenya 24 months ago with the help of 50 engineers from IBM, Vodafone, Huawei and some from Kenya.

Locally hosted servers will save Safaricom billions it pays in service fees to Vodafone. New additional functions which will allow Mpesa integration with those in banking, micro-insurance and retail sector. The higher processing capacity will enable it settle post-paid electricity bills, insurance premium and bank payments in real-time. Currently it takes from 48 hours to 76 hours for payments to reflect.

Mpesa subscribers have grown to 19.95 million, a large percentage of the adult population. The number of agents have grown to 80,335.


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