Safaricom Reduces Internet Data Bundles Charges With New Charges

(Last Updated On: July 10, 2015)


The war between Safaricom and Airtel to keep the internet hungry Kenyans in their network continues. Just some months ago Airtel launched unliminet which attracted a high number of people. Well Safaricom has finally responded with price drops on their internet tariffs.

One thing that is very outstanding is the lack of night bundles. Safaricom will no longer offer the very popular and cheap night data bundles. However your existing night bundles will last for the next 6 months before expiry.

safaricom 2

You now have a chance to carry over your data bundles if you buy another bundle two days before the current one expires. I just hope Safaricom sends an SMS reminder for this to work well.  Your bundles will also come with an SMS package so many people will no longer have to buy SMS bundles elsewhere.

These are the new prices.

Daily Data Bundles

5Mb – 7SMS  – Ksh5

15MB – 15SMS – Ksh10

25MB – 35SMS – Ksh20

50MB – 60SMS – Ksh30

150MB – 150SMS – Ksh50


Weekly Data Bundles

5MB – Ksh5

10MB – Ksh10

30MB – Ksh30

65MB – Ksh50

130MB – Ksh100


Monthly Data Bundles

350MB – Ksh250

1GB – Ksh500

3GB – Ksh1000

7.5GB – Ksh2000

12GB – Ksh3000


90 Day Data Bundles

6GB – Ksh3000

16GB – Ksh6000

30GB – Ksh9000