Safaricom Reduces Roaming Rates In South Sudan

(Last Updated On: May 15, 2015)


Safaricom has reduced the roaming charges for its subscribers who travel to South Sudan from Ksh65 per minute to Ksh10 per minute. It has also removed the fee it was being charged for receiving calls while on roaming in the country.

Subscribers who call South Sudan will now pay Ksh10 per minute as compared to Ksh30 per minute. This is very favorable who those who do business with and in South Sudan and want to retain their Safaricom number.

The number of outgoing voice minutes has gone up by 24.4% from 14 billion to 17 billion minutes in the 3 months to December. The number of calls from neighbouring countries went up by 8.2% to 20 billion minutes.

Kenya does not levy taxes on cross border calls in order to reduce communication expenses and increase trade.

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