Safaricom Rolls Out Home Fiber Internet Services

(Last Updated On: July 29, 2014)


For a long time Zuku has dominated the fiber to home services with over 50% market share and the largest coverage. They really didn’t have any other major competitors for a long time since most companies are focusing on the enterprise customers since they can easily overcharge them for basic connection. Jamii Telkom’s Faiba also started rolling out to get a share of the huge market and now Safaricom, Kenya’s telecommunication giant, has also joined the space.

Safaricom are now offering 5Mbps fiber to home internet link that will cost around sh2999 per month with one free month of internet connection. They have been conducting trials in Nyayo Estate Embakasi and some users have been able to hit speeds of 100mbps when it came to downloads. With fast internet people can easily stream YouTube and other video sites plus also participate in online gaming easily through the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live, a practice very popular in developed countries.

The biggest advantage Safaricom has over other players is it fantastic customer service which most people crave for. It also owns 32.5 percent of the undersea fibre optic network ,TEAMS, which guarantees them a very high capacity compared to Jamii Telecom’s 5 percent and Wananchi Telecom’s 6.14 percent.It has also invest a lot in a terrestrial fibre network, around sh8 billion to lay 2,300km of fibre optic cables. This amount is a drop in the bucket for a company with revenues of over sh150 billion


The company will, so far, not charge connection fees. Conditions for activation are:

i) Completely filled in Application Form

ii) Copy of ID or Passport

iii) Initial payment of ksh2,999

Safaricom will provide a WiFi router which will enable create a WiFi signal within the house for customers to enjoy the Safaricom Fibre Service. An SMS will also be sent after 30 days to remind you to top up your account.

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