Safaricom Sues Kenyan Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi

(Last Updated On: June 24, 2015)


It looks like various Kenyan companies are feeling the heat whenever negative stories about them appear on social media and various blogs online. To them the brand reputation is everything since it can lead to loss of existing and potential customers. Today it is Safaricom suing Kenyan blogger Cyprian Nyakundi for allegedly writing defamatory articles about them.

Cyprian runs a blog and has 518,000 Twitter followers. This is massive reach in social media so he can easily spread his message widely. Safaricom put an ad on Daily Nation page 51 which is a court order to summon him to court.

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Injuctions that prevent Cyprian from publishing any new articles about Safaricom and to pull down other articles from his blog articles were granted. He has published a 15 part series exposure on Safaricom operations. These are:

1. How Safaricom Steals From Kenyans With Third parties – He accused Safaricom of stealing money from airtime through non existent subscriptions.

2. Your Privacy and Safaricom are two different worlds – He accused Safaricom of not doing enough when it comes to customers’ privacy.

3. Time To Put Safaricom Back In Its Box Before It Seriously Hurts Kenyan – He accused Safaricom of allegedly laying off employees who were sick

4. Safaricom Lone Wolves Preying On Your Security. What They Don’t Want You To Know – He accused Safaricom on breaching the security of Kenyans.

Apparently Nyakundi failed to apologize and withdraw the articles. Safaricom says this will continue to hurt their reputation.

This is not the first time Safaricom has sued a blogger. Some time back they sued Robert Alai for articles he wrote about their Call Center Staff

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