Safaricom To Get 4G Internet and Make Sh8bn From Security Deal With Government

(Last Updated On: May 16, 2014)


Kenya’s telecommunication giant was recently awarded a tender to provide management of security communication systems for five years. It will charge an annual fee of sh3 billion for the service. The first year Safaricom offered to do the service for free so as to prove that it has the capability to do a fantastic job with the project. Hence, the government of Kenya will only spend sh8 billion in the period of five years.

Safaricom will spend sh12 billion which the government will refund the company in various phases. It will also build a high speed fourth generation network (LTE) and provide the police with high tech modern radio communication devices. This will actually free the operator to move to a 4G platform while the rival will have to wait and stick to 3G.

60 LTE base stations will be built in Nairobi, 20 in Mombasa plus around 1800 CCTV damage proof cameras will be installed in the two cities to monitor any threats of terrorism. The system will first have capacity to handle 7600 security agents communications at a go but this will be improved to 50,000 with time.

The security system will run on its own frequency and platform different from what their customers use. It will also be run separately by government security agents once everything is done, away from Safaricom’s infrastructure.