Samburu National Reserve Review and Hotel Room Prices

(Last Updated On: December 4, 2015)

Animal lovers and tourists, Samburu National Reserve is a must visit location. It is in Kenya just 350km from the capital city Nairobi. at a place called Samburu. You can access it from the city through road or take an hour long flight and land at one of their airstrips.

The site has a special collection of Google Street View images which you can take a look at beforehand to see what you will expect. Within the the Samburu area you can access three national reserves and these are Shaba, Samburu and Buffalo Springs.

The Samburu plains is ideal for large creatures with a high population of elephants, Reticulated giraffes, Grevy’s zebras, Beisa oryx, Somali ostrich and the gerenuk antelope. There is also a large variety of birds such as vulturine guinea fowl, kingfishers, sunbirds, Marabou storks, yellow necked spur fowls, superb starlings etc. The bird species are approximately over 300.


The charges vary in prices depending on the season/time of the year. These are just average prices.

  1. Samburu Interpids Camp

Samburu intrepids

Charges: $788 (Ksh82,740) per person per night

This is on the banks of the river in the Samburu Reserve. It is a tented camp with a view of Ololokwe Mountain. The tented camp gives you a private view of the wildlife rich river banks.

You will get an en-suite bathroom with a hot shower, flush toilets, sockets/outlets


2. Samburu Sopa Lodge

Samburu Sopa Lodge Sopa Lodge

Prices/Rates per night full board: $194 for single and $280 for a double suite in the high season, $230 and $320 during peak season, $143 and $220 during the low season.

There are 15 cottages with two bedrooms each. There is a pool within the lodge for those who want a swim to cool off.


3. Senterim Samburu

Sentrim Samburu

Prices/Rates per night: from $240

Here you get 21 tents which have seating areas inside and outside. There one family house with a kitchen lounge and two en-suite bedrooms. Each of the tents have a permanent shower, water closet and you get two free bottles of drinking water per day.


4. Samburu Game Lodge 

Samburu Game Lodge

This one has a total of 61 cottages, rooms and suites which each en-suite having a private balcony for you to view the wildlife and nature in peace.


5. Samburu Simba Lodge

Samburu Simba Lodge

It overlooks Buffalo Springs and Uaso Nyiro River. There are 7 villas with 10 rooms each.

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