Sanaipei Tande Reveals What She Feels For Ex-Boyfriend And Why She Has Been Single For Five Years

(Last Updated On: May 24, 2017)

Kenyan musician and radio presenter Sanaipei Tande has been single for the past years after being in a six year long relationship with Andrew Manga, a former musician and now pilot. The two were never shy to display their affection publicly. Their relationship ended because Sanaipei thought she wasn’t growing in the relationship.

Recently during an interview at Ebru TV, the 32 year old singer opened up about her previous relationship and why she hasn’t dated anyone else. She said:

“I really loved Manga, but I realised I was not growing in the relationship. It was not adding value. I loved him, still actually love him, not in love with him but I love him and I would still do things for him and with him.

I want to work on my projects including the completion of my house. Like I said, I will not get a child and raise them in a rental house.

I would love to get married because I want to share my life with someone, not because society says that I should. But if I don’t get married, that is my cross to bear, not society’s”