Sarah Orzechowski – Interesting Facts About Brendon Urie’s Wife

(Last Updated On: July 1, 2020)


Sarah is a social media personality famously known for her marriage to Brendon Urie who is an American singer and lead vocalist at Panic! She was born on 23rd February 1987 in Detroit, Michigan and later moved to Los Angeles. She has a brother Steve.

She is married to Brendon Urie who is and American singer, songwriter and lead vocalist of Panic! at the Disco. The couple got married on April 27th in Malibu, California.


She shot to stardom after marrying Brendon and now a skin care enthusiast who promotes non toxic and all natural skin care products on her Twitter and Instagram account.

She also has a huge Instagram following of more than 765,000 followers. However at some point she was getting several negative comments on her Instagram and Urie had to address it and ask his fans to stop attacking his wife.

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