Why Sauti Sol’s Savara Was Admitted To Hospital Last Night

(Last Updated On: January 18, 2017)

Savara Mudigi, a member of Sauti Sol, was recently admitted to Nairobi Women’s Hospital after he got a minor fracture while undertaking team building activities in Karen playing paintball.

This was a statement from him:

“We were playing outdoor games such as rock climbing and paintball and during that time, I seem to have landed on my leg. I thought it was a sprain and as we left Karen, the leg was swollen. At that time we were on Ngong road and decided to get visit the nearest hospital for an X-ray. The results revealed that it was a fracture. The hospital staff members have treated me very well.  And as I prepare for theatre, I ask my fans to include me in their prayers,”

Savara is set to undergo surgery since he had a wedge ankle fracture.

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